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We Offer a Variety of Color Restoration and Stain Removal Services

We provide specialty carpet dyeing and rug dyeing restoration services. These services include rug and carpet color repair, rug color restorations, and a wide variety of carpet and rug stain removal services. In terms of bleach repair, we can fix spots caused by peroxide, toilet bowl cleaner, acne medication, and more. For stain removal we perform blood stain removal, ink stain removal, and even paint stain removal.

  • Fix Unsightly Bleach Spots

  • Restore Oriental and Persian Rugs

  • Extract Urine and Remove Pet Stains

  • Eliminate Stubborn Carpet Stains

Need to See it to Believe it? We Provided a Bleach Repair Video for You!

This video shows bleach on carpet being repaired. The expert in this video is using a syringe technique to apply a custom mixture of dyes to the carpet. When the hot dye makes contact with the carpet fibers it instantly binds to the fibers dye sites. The result is permanently dyed carpet that resembles the original carpet dye colors.

Our Services

Bleach Spot Repair

Bleach repair is the intricate art of mixing and adding dyes to a carpet or rug to restore color pigments lost to bleaching. Bleach removes color from your carpet or rug – it starts with the blues and then starts removing other colors as well. When we begin the bleach spot repair, we first use state-of-the-art technology to determine what colors are missing from the carpet or rug. We then mix high-quality professional dyes together and add them to the carpet to restore the lost color pigments. Bleaching is not just caused by chlorine bleach, like the kind you put into the washer. It can also be caused by peroxide, toilet bowl cleaner, cleaning products, the sun, acne medication, and even the best stain removal products.

Rug Dyeing Restoration

Rug color restoration is similar to bleach repair. Over time, sun light fades the color of intricate hand-knotted Oriental and Persian rugs. When this happens, your area rug may become unsightly or lose is original charm and beauty. To restore the color lost to sun fading, we mix custom dyes that match the original color of the rug. We then apply the dyes to the rug using a fine tipped airbrush. The process is very meticulous, requiring patience and skill. Heartlands ColorCare is trained by the foremost leader on fine rug restoration in the United States. With the skill and practice accumulated over time, you can trust us to care for your beautiful Oriental or Persian rug.

Stubborn Stain Removal

Heartlands ColorCare provides specialty stain removal services. What makes us different? Unlike other companies, we approach stains as color issues, not as “staining issues.” As a result, we can remove excess color and restore any discoloration that may occur in the process. This allows us to attack heavy carpet stains without fear of color damage. Using this process, we know how to remove blood stains, nailpolish, ink, paint, and more. We are also specialists at urine extraction and pet stain removal processes. Although we cannot guarantee a perfect stain removal, as no company can, we can promise that we are first and last line of action when it comes to stubborn stains.

Save Money by Choosing Bleach Repair and Stain Removal

Bleach Repair

Soda and Wine

Ink Stains

Nail Polish

Sun Fading

Benefits of Carpet Dyeing Over other Forms of Carpet Repair

Dyeing is a convenient, environmentally friendly, and quality practice at a price that is extremely cost-effective in comparison to the cost of replacement. One major reason that carpet and rug dyeing is so extraordinary is that its main focus is to fix discoloration issues. Carpet patching, on the other hand, requires excess carpet from a closet or inconspicuous area. Such carpet is usually less worn down and has less dirt, resulting in a section of carpet that looks entirely different than its surrounding area. Carpet dyeing does not have this problem – our carpet dye mixtures are designed to produce a color that blends into the surrounding area.

  • No Excess Carpet Requirements

  • Causes No Discoloration Issues

  • Can Be Done in a Matter of Hours

  • High Quality Expert Repairs

    Ink or PaintPet StainsUrine RemovalWineBleach RepairChemical Spills

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      Ink or PaintPet StainsUrine RemovalWineBleach RepairChemical Spills

      How Does Carpet Dyeing Work?

      Frequently Asked Carpet Dyeing Questions


      We guarantee our dyes to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet. We also guarantee your satisfaction with the job!
      Still have questions? Call us.

      How long will the color last?

      We guarantee that our dyes to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet.

      How long does it take to dry? How long before I can walk on it?

      Freshly-dyed carpet may be walked on immediately. Though the carpet will be slightly damp, the dyes are immediately colorfast. Carpet will fully dry in a few hours.

      How long will the color last?

      We guarantee that our dyes to be permanent and colorfast for the life of the carpet.

      Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call us.

      Questions to Ask a Carpet Dyer

      There are only a few dozen full-time carpet dyeing specialists in the USA, with only a handful who are Certified Dye Masters and Colorists. Carpet dyeing is an art and requires extensive technical training. Suffice it to say that “a savvy consumer would not take their car to a car wash to have it painted”. When searching for companies who do carpet dyeing, it would be well to ask the following questions:

      • Is carpet dyeing the main focus of their business? Is bleach repair?

      • Do they have Certified Dye Technicians who will be performing the work?

      • What kind of training and credentials does their technical staff have?

      • Will the dyes leave any kind of residue after a bleach repair?

      • Do they use liquid dyes as opposed to powder dyes? (Liquid dyes do not leave a powdery residue behind)

      • Are they willing to guarantee that newly dyed carpet will have even coloration?

      Serving the Following Cities and Areas – 402.706.8431

      Heartlands Color Care provides quality carpet dyeing and carpet stain removal services to the following cities and areas: Omaha and Lincoln Metro Areas, Louisville, Papillion, Gretna, Bellevue, Ralston, Fremont, Millard, Council Bluffs, La Vista, Chalco, Bennington, Waterloo, Elkhorn, Plattsmouth, Syracuse, Nebraska City and others. If you are unsure whether we serve your area, please feel free to give us a call and we will let you know. 

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